Big (RM1)Prize AmountSmall (RM1)Prize Amount
1st PrizeRM2,500 + RM9001st PrizeRM3,500 + RM1,300
2nd PrizeRM1,000 + RM2002nd PrizeRM2,000 + RM400
3rd PrizeRM500 + RM1003rd PrizeRM1,000 + RM200
Special PrizeRM200 + RM504ARM6,000 + RM2,000

5D & 6D Payout

5D (RM1)Prize Amount6D (RM1)Prize Amount
1st PrizeRM15,0001st PrizeRM100,000
2nd PrizeRM5,0002nd PrizeRM3,000
3rd PrizeRM3,0003rd PrizeRM300
4th PrizeRM5004th PrizeRM30
5th PrizeRM205th PrizeRM4
6th PrizeRM5

Bet in MYR 1 and achieve the desired result while earning more simultaneously

The world of gambling has highly expanded in the past few decades. Experiencing the transformation from physical to virtual and time-bound to infinite playing, gambling lovers have now got an exciting new way to earn hefty amounts while competing with scintillating players. The 4D Malaysia lottery payout, an abbreviation to 4-digits, is an extremely popular game emerged from Malaysia and Singapore. Although due to the unexpected reach of internet worldwide, the game is now available for players all across the globe. The highlight of the game is prolific earning and low time consumption. Let’s know more about the game and how 4d lottery payout is a very important factor to attract players.

Play and earn maximum profits

As the term 4d is somehow is a self-explanatory factor, which means that the game is based on playing with 4 digits. The digits range from 0000 to 9999. The term ordinary entry here stands for a specific number. While playing, you may need to understand the basic structural rules. The 4d roll here substitutes any of your 4 digit numbers with the letter r. for example, if you get 2345, then, the combinations can be R345, 2R45, 23R5, and 234R. However, there are not just these 4 numbers which can be assumed with the combination of 2345. Thus, a lot of numbers are already set within the system, which can combine up these letters. Your quick pick relies upon any random number which is selected by the computer.

4d Malaysia lottery place bet MYR 1 win MYR 2500 for 1st prize

A lot of variations of this game have been noticed within Malaysia and Singapore. Although, in both the cases, players can bet for high prizes and can easily hike up their performance. Individuals here can either bet for a “big” or a “small’ forecast. Both are quite interesting in their own way. If you choose the first alternative and go for a big bet, you’ll get to earn small amounts; however, you at least have ten positions where your winning probability is somehow high and guaranteed. But when it comes to the small forecast, the game provides great outcomes, but only to those who get the lucky number on the first, second or third place.

4d lottery payout is however considered as the most advanced form of attracting numerous players through the bait of high payouts. In fact, it is something which is not just a supreme way for spending out your leisure time, but it highly influences your performance rate in other games as well. People those who have always been somewhere linked to the gambling world can only justify the essence and essentiality of this game in their life. While providing various forecasts to bet, this game has fully transformed the way people perceive the idea of online gambling.

Thus, if you also wish to increase up your playing portfolio, get in touch with 4D games and enjoy the unlimited alternatives of earning high. Unlike 2d and 3d lottery games, it is much more exciting and assures high outcomes of every individual player.